Friday, July 2, 2010

WalMart is a mess BAHAHA!

So I work for Target. But even before I worked there, I was always faithfully against going to WalMart unless I needed to. So I was very gleeful to find the one at the beach in disastrous shape when I visited today :) All pictures and opinions of them are of mine and my family's as guests of the store. Not of Target's.

it was bad transition time:
and there was junk all over the place. This was on the water pallets, and they have hawaiian punch, a brush, some toys, bread, a bag of donuts, and after I saw all that there and realized they didn't have beach towels anywhere in the store (I asked a guy that walked me all over the store trying to find them), I added deodorant, a toothbrush, and some razors to the pile.
I'm guessing this is a planogram waiting to happen... with the bag of Doritos sitting on top of the baby bags giving the hint that it's been there for forever.
and my personal favorite, they definitely haven't mastered the signing.

and just to add on... jeans that are a mess. :P

To quote my dad, "That WalMart was a disaster! It was just terrible!". They didn't have beach towels at a WalMart at the beach the weekend of July 4th... when they should be expecting people to visit the beach. Or grapes, which my mom was disappointed about. haha.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

i missed my gauchos.

So it's been said several times in my CARS classes that gauchos were a fad like four/five years ago. Well I loved mine because of how comfy they were! I still wear them around the house all the time. :)

I've seen some one piece outfits out and about that have gaucho-like bottoms to them... so I made my own and I'm back to being comfy and still in style!

You'll have to forgive the picture quality... It doesn't really show the shape of it.. It's actually pretty slimming. :)