Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Side Note

Hello all,

No project to display today, just a random little blog.
I've been pretty busy procrastinating all my school work. I've got a paper to write on the situational/swot analysis of a retail brand.
I got a speeding ticket on my way to some interviews (I GOT THE JOB!)...
And there's this one random girl who has been annoying the heck out of me... (She all up in my BIIIIZ)

So... hopefully I'll have something to share soon. But for now, this will have to suffice.


Monday, August 31, 2009

Dress out of two old Tees

Again, inspired by Threadbanger :)
Two Old T-shirts (one Large and one Medium)
-Michole: "Don't get me in the pic"
and it called for a piece of elastic at the waistline. I just used an elastic headband
(Kathy, if you're reading this... Sorry I used it without asking... You left it in my room and you have a gazillion of them).

Complete with cowl neck and pockets. :)
I had four buttons I was going to sew to the pockets, but believe it or not, I CAN'T find a sewing needle. :( So its not TOTALLY finished.. but you get the jist of it.

Painting T-shirts

So my sister's volleyball team was over at our house painting t-shirts.. I painted the 8 on Michole's shirt. :)

And of course, I couldn't resist cutting one up and painting one of my own. :)

Excuse the distracting shirt underneath. :\

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Internship Over = More Craft Time!

So let me tell you that Target is an AMAZING company to work for. They have an awesome culture, and they're great to their team members.
I just finished my internship, and I had an awesome experience working with a great team and developing as an individual. While I was VERY sad to go, I have a lot of free time now which means more projects!!!!

Sorry for the poor quality of these camera phone pictures... but anywho...
I had this awesome shirt that I LOVED to wear:

and my dog decided to scratch at it one day and tear a hole in it. :(

So I liked the color of it, so I decided to make an accessory!

embarrassing video

Haha making a slow song a little more lively.
Prolly would have looked a little better to a more upbeat song... but here's our lip syncing in normal speed while we move faster speed:

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Inflatable Fun!

So my dad bought a new side business. INFLATABLE FUN! He's renting out moonwalks and concession equipment. We've tried them all out, and let me tell you how fun it was to act like a kid again in these things! Of course, we tried out the cotton candy maker, sno-cone maker, and popcorn maker as well! YUMMY!

Check out his site and see all the cute moonwalks you can get!


Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I promise I'm still productive!

So I've still been crafting. I made a necklace out of a t-shirt the other day. I've just been soooo busy! I was too tired to get my camera and take a picture of it. I'll get it up soon. I've been working like crazy! mostly just in the mornings, but that wears me out and I go to bed pretty quickly once I get home.

Oh I have been having a fun time, though. I've been able to hang out with people that I haven't been able to in a looooong time. I absolutely love my friends and I miss them very much.


Monday, July 6, 2009

my dog blog

my dog has a vlog.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

comfy comfy shorts out of an old t-shirt

You can tell it was sitting in the bottom of a box somewhere for a very long time (over a year)

and the best thing about this design? you can hem them short if you'd like! I may do that after wearing them today!

Friday, June 26, 2009


This is the first time i've ever really sat down and painted something.. wait.. i take that back. Its the second time. But anyways VOILA!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

MC Hammer Dance in a Store

Corinne posted this on the Threadbanger page, and I thought it was funny.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Fun Blue Dress

Well first I wanted green... but then I decided blue. I don't know why... but maybe my next one will be green.
So yesterday was the first time I ever went to a fabric store and bought fabric for one of my projects. It was definitely an experiment, but most of the things I bought were on sale, so it wasn't a waste. :)

*side note* Hancock fabrics had their Vogue patterns for $3.99!!! Even though I've never even touched a pattern, I bought one that had three different shirt varieties, I bought one for pants, one for purses, and one for a dress with a really cool collar on it. They'll probably sit around for a while because I have no idea how to use them. but oh well. How could I resist when they retail originally for $20.00 average?

So back to my project... It was completely made just by measuring my body and drawing shapes straight onto the fabric. I didn't make a pattern first or anything. I just knew what I wanted it to look like (I had seen a Gianni Bini dress online at Dillards.com I had liked and wanted to make it for lots cheaper). I knew my good grades in geometry would come in handy.
I used this material to make the straps and the belt. The straps were the main thing that I wanted to be different. I just wanted the rest of the dress to be drape-y.

And then after about 6 hours of hard work, I had a dress! This isn't the most flattering picture ever, but it does look nice in person.

The back looks crooked in this picture, but that's because of the way I'm standing. However, if you're up close to it, there ARE a lot of mistakes. But it was my first time attempting this, so voila! (p.s. ignore the bra strap)

Lastly, this is what I would call my attempt at taking a fun picture to spice up my blog a little bit :)

And then just a plain ol' cute picture. haha maybe one day, I'll make an outfit inspired by a rubik's cube! (hmm.....)

Friday, June 5, 2009


So since I've started my internship, I've had less time to be artsy and such. You can kind of see my creativity decline going from my oldest blogs to my newest ones. :-\

Well! I have off this weekend, so maybe I can come up with something good!!! (I hope so, at least)

Friday, May 29, 2009

Crochet a summer cap

So I had a ton of extra yarn leftover (I believe I bought a skein of 223 yards or something)... so I found another pattern for a hat! This one is a bit more summery. But I still think its plain and I may add something to it.


added a brim:


I crocheted a huge flower but haven't attached it yet. 1) because I'm still deciding if its too much or not... 2) because my mom stole the hat and wore it, and now she doesn't remember what she did with it. I'll get a picture up soon.

I found it! haha my mom had somehow not remembered she took the hat upstairs??? Here's what the hat looks like with the flower on it... not sure if i'm going to actually attach it or not.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Crochet in the Summertime! -crochet a beret

HIP HIP BERET! (get it? haha rhymes with hooray)

Haha I've never crocheted anything in my life, but once again, Threadbanger has come to the rescue. And I know that knitting and crochet are usually winter trends, but I was excited to try this out!

It came out suprisingly well, and it only took me a few hours last night and a few hours today. :)

For the tutorial:

hey hey! I youtubed instructions on how to make a flower, and just added that! I'm going to learn how to make a big one, now and attach it maybe to a hat with a bill!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I Thought This Was Really Funny... -Drawn on Six-Pack

GRRRRR!!!! hahahaha I saw someone do this on youtube once. Oh the magic of eyeshadow and bronzer. You can fake some pretty nice abs!

t-shirt into a tank top --- not the best project ever.

Well I was trying to decide what to do with that pretty yellow shirt I have. Good thing I decided to do a sort of rough draft on a reject softball t-shirt. I didn't really like how it came out. My plan was to have like a racerback style with a flare at the bottom so its real loose-fitting and light. I ran out of T-shirt, so it didn't turn out as flared and flowy (<--word?) as I would have liked.

The beginning

The reason this shirt is a reject. Funny fact: Its impossible to heat transfer backwards... its a 55 upside down. lol

The pattern, sorta. Its a paper grocery bag, and it wasn't wide enough to draw the flare I wanted, so I was going to free-hand it. Turns out I didn't have enough fabric anyway.

The finished product!

The back... haha.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Crochet a neckline -- I LOVE THREADBANGER!

I've been up since 9:00 this morning looking for some inspiration for my next project. Of course, Threadbanger is one of my all time FAVORITE places to find inspiration for my type of budget and I've decided on my next project!


Its such a lovely idea! I actually had a men's golf polo that's a really pretty summer yellow color, but I think I'm going to make a babydoll dress or something out of it because its got this fancy texture to it (probably for wicking). So this project will do for now, and I love the idea of turning t-shirts into "yarn". Gotta go pick out my materials! I'll post it when I'm done.

p.s. I GOT MY INTERNSHIP WITH TARGET!!! I am OH so excited about it!

My coworkers from Dillard's got me a necklace by Liz Claiborne that I've been wanting ever since it came in!!! Sort of a going away present/congratulations on the internship.


Couldn't really find a cute t-shirt I wanted to try this on, so I just used a regular green t-shirt. Also, I couldn't find a crochet needle anywhere in my house for the life of me so I used a latch-hook needle instead, and I actually found it a lot easier! So in the spirit of youtube, I made a video for youtube as well with my finished product! I also took a picture while I was doing it and I'll post that, because you can't really see the details in the video.

That felt a little ridiculous. haha

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Clip-on Earrings into a Hairpiece and choosing a banner

I've been pouring through websites, old pictures, and magazines for some type of inspiration for my header on this blog. WHAT TO DO!?!?!? Right now its just some boring little rectangle with "Krystal's Art"...


hopefully I'll get some ideas soon.

TODAY IS MICHOLE'S (my youngest sister's) PROM!!!

On her high school income budget, she was trying not to spend too much money. Especially since the tickets were pretty pricey. So she did her own nails, I did her hair in a curly updo and we tried to scrounge up some jewelry.

Her ears aren't peirced, so she had some clip on earrings that were my mom's from a really long time ago. They had a matching necklace (both were pearls). However, the earrings were like a bunch of pearls clustered into a weird shape rather than just one pearl for each ear. It looked a little older than what she would want to wear, so I added some bobby pins to them and VOILA! A cute little hairpiece!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Swimsuit I Made Out of Old T-Shirts-- work out starts today!

Well I HAVE been saying that I needed to start a work out plan... but if i'm going to be posting pictures of myself on here, I probably should haha.

So I posted yesterday about how I was making a swimsuit (sorta) out of two old shirts. Not really a SWIMMING suit... but one just to hang out in the sun in... I'm not too sure how t-shirts would work out in the water.
Here's the original shirt:
The original shirt was from bamboostereo.blogspot.com. They go bargain hunting, alter their finds a little bit, and sell them from their blog. Now they're at projectmuffstit.com and they're doing some of their own stuff rather than just updating old clothes.

So this shirt has been reused twice! how cool is that?

I think I may have worn it as a shirt once, but I never really wore it that much even though its really cute.

The second shirt was an XXL men's (unworn) softball t-shirt. I just used this for the lining. It was big enough to make the suit double lined. I also took the padding out of one of my old swimsuits so the top is super super lined! haha

And the finished piece!:

tada! you can see some of the screenprinting from the softball shirt on the inside of the bottoms. haha. and the bottoms look kinda big, but that's because they're as stretchy as your average swimsuit.

and to prove it fits (because SOME certain people didn't believe me when I said I would make something that fits me):
I even used some extra off of the sleeve of the softball shirt to make a matching headband!
ok.. ok... so the headband wasn't difficult at all... you just cut some of the sleeve off, and throw it on your head.

Bear With Me...

Sorry guys, i'm not as html savvy as I used to be in my old xanga days. I've managed to put the background on here, but I'm not used to the blogspot editing. Please bear with me and I'll have everything looking swell in no time!


Thursday, May 14, 2009


So the semester just ended. I'm just waiting for a few grades... but I'M DONE!

I'm thinking thise weekend I'm going to make a new layout for this blog so its not so boring and default-ish.


Here's the story:

I bought an awesome new pair of sunglasses right before I quit Dillard's (had to get my use out of my employee discount!). They're like aviators with orange metal trim. WELL, I decided I wanted a swimsuit to match it, but you know swim suits at this time of the year are like 80 dollars for the top and 80 for the bottom... I tried discount retailers, but couldn't seem to find the right color.

So I searched my closet, and found a shirt that I had never worn. Its actually a cool story how I found it, too. I was looking for some vintage clothing ideas maybe a year ago online, and came across this awesome blog that these three girls had made. They found clothes, and sold them through their blog. Of course, being the impulse buyer I am, and trusting paypal, I bought two items. One of them was this cute orange and black dress/tunic. Of course, once it got here, it wasn't nearly as flattering on me as it was on the girls, so it found a home in my closet, and I've forgotten about it until now.
(although I could have sworn this wasn't the picture I saw when I bought it... oh well, bad memory I guess)

Their website was called bamboostereo.blogspot.com, but they've recently been working on new projects and upgraded their site to projectmuffstit.com You should check it out because all their stuff is really awesome! Its good inspiration for new ideas as well.

So anyway, I used this, and an old men's orange softball t-shirt (sweat-free because its never been worn. It was just leftover from my mom's screen printing business) and got to work! Of course I probably won't be able to wear it in the water, but just for hanging out in the sun, I think it'll be cute.

I'm almost done, and I think it will turn out well enough. I'll post the pictures when I'm done. I just figured I'd go ahead and post the blog now because I haven't in a while.


Monday, April 13, 2009

Two gross sweatshirts into one COOL new one!

...okay so don't kiss me through the phone... but here's some pictures from my phone:

I used my sister's yellow volleyball hoodie, and used the blank back for the front of this sweater. I cut the hood off, turned it sideways and made a drawstring cowlneck and her name was on it, so its right in the front now. Her old softball hoodie made it personal as well. I ignored the team logo on the front of it and just used the number and nickname that were on the back.

The yellow wrist band and waistband gave some contrast, and then the black waistband underneath the yellow one gave it an athletic look.

I thought it came out neat and my sister likes it. so Project number 2 on the sewing machine=SUCCESS!

Hopefully I'll get some higher quality photos up soon.

Thanks for reading and leave some feedback!

much love


Slow on Technology

Haha, so I promise I think about this blog all the time. I made my sister a really neat sweater (at least I think its neat) and she wears it, but we have yet to take pictures and get them up here. So here's an update just to let you know something's coming!

On any other note, I've been extremely busy. I feel like there is hardly any time for anything but school and work. I'll even plan to have a day where I'm going to do something creative, but it either gets interrupted by homework or naps because I'm so exhausted.

My boyfriend got accepted to teach English in China next year. So he'll be gone doing that for a year. I'm really excited for this opportunity, but of course I'll miss him. I'm not too worried about it, though. I definitely know how to keep myself busy, and it will probably be good for me as it will be my last year of school, I'll be able to concentrate.

So that's a bit of an update for now. Hopefully I'll get some stuff up here soon!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Bath Loofah Dress -- Ecouture!

So the THREADS fashion show was AH-MAZING!

We had three themes: Recycled clothes (made out of non-textile goods), Re-vamped (making old clothes into something new), and Natural Fibers (clothes that are made out of cotton, wool, leather, silk, etc).

The runway looked great. One of the girls and her boyfriend built the entire runway... and let me tell you, it was LONG. It was stained a dark color, but left unglossy, so it had a real natural look to it to match the idea of the fashion show.

Our hair was all a cohesive idea as well. We all had curls or messy up-dos. It was SO much fun to get ready!

So anyway as interesting as most of the work was, I don't want to junk up the blog. If you want to see more pictures from the show, I'll post the flickr account that goes up when the professional pictures get posted.

So for now, here's the dress that I made out of bath loofahs:

<--the mess on the left side is two bows that weren't tied very neatly because of quick changing. hah

We did the show on a Friday night, as well as a Saturday night. That's why the hair-dos are different. :)

Wow, it really took FOREVER!!!! I didn't realize before starting how hard feeding bath loofahs under the foot of the sewing machine would be! Oh, but it felt SO rewarding when I was finally finished, and I actually had something that resembled clothing walking across the stage. I really wasn't sure how much of a success my project would be since it was the first thing I actually tried to sew.

Leave comments, and tell me what you think! I'd really appreciate some feedback! It may motivate me to actually keep up with this blog!

Starting out

Hello everyone!

So I'm new to sewing, but I've decided I'm going to show my work in a blog. Maybe one day if I get good enough I'll start selling it... but for now, I think I'm content with just getting people's feedback and seeing what they think. :)

I just got a sewing machine for Christmas. However, I'm extremely busy. I've only been able to really do a few projects since I got my sewing machine. The Consumer, Apparel, and Retail Studies organization at school (I attend UNCG, btw) just put on a fashion show and I designed a dress for the show. That's my main big project.

So hopefully with this blog, I can get a little feedback on my work, and maybe give you guys some ideas/inspiration for your own work!

Thanks for reading!