Sunday, June 7, 2009

Fun Blue Dress

Well first I wanted green... but then I decided blue. I don't know why... but maybe my next one will be green.
So yesterday was the first time I ever went to a fabric store and bought fabric for one of my projects. It was definitely an experiment, but most of the things I bought were on sale, so it wasn't a waste. :)

*side note* Hancock fabrics had their Vogue patterns for $3.99!!! Even though I've never even touched a pattern, I bought one that had three different shirt varieties, I bought one for pants, one for purses, and one for a dress with a really cool collar on it. They'll probably sit around for a while because I have no idea how to use them. but oh well. How could I resist when they retail originally for $20.00 average?

So back to my project... It was completely made just by measuring my body and drawing shapes straight onto the fabric. I didn't make a pattern first or anything. I just knew what I wanted it to look like (I had seen a Gianni Bini dress online at I had liked and wanted to make it for lots cheaper). I knew my good grades in geometry would come in handy.
I used this material to make the straps and the belt. The straps were the main thing that I wanted to be different. I just wanted the rest of the dress to be drape-y.

And then after about 6 hours of hard work, I had a dress! This isn't the most flattering picture ever, but it does look nice in person.

The back looks crooked in this picture, but that's because of the way I'm standing. However, if you're up close to it, there ARE a lot of mistakes. But it was my first time attempting this, so voila! (p.s. ignore the bra strap)

Lastly, this is what I would call my attempt at taking a fun picture to spice up my blog a little bit :)

And then just a plain ol' cute picture. haha maybe one day, I'll make an outfit inspired by a rubik's cube! (hmm.....)