Monday, April 13, 2009

Slow on Technology

Haha, so I promise I think about this blog all the time. I made my sister a really neat sweater (at least I think its neat) and she wears it, but we have yet to take pictures and get them up here. So here's an update just to let you know something's coming!

On any other note, I've been extremely busy. I feel like there is hardly any time for anything but school and work. I'll even plan to have a day where I'm going to do something creative, but it either gets interrupted by homework or naps because I'm so exhausted.

My boyfriend got accepted to teach English in China next year. So he'll be gone doing that for a year. I'm really excited for this opportunity, but of course I'll miss him. I'm not too worried about it, though. I definitely know how to keep myself busy, and it will probably be good for me as it will be my last year of school, I'll be able to concentrate.

So that's a bit of an update for now. Hopefully I'll get some stuff up here soon!

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