Monday, April 13, 2009

Two gross sweatshirts into one COOL new one!

...okay so don't kiss me through the phone... but here's some pictures from my phone:

I used my sister's yellow volleyball hoodie, and used the blank back for the front of this sweater. I cut the hood off, turned it sideways and made a drawstring cowlneck and her name was on it, so its right in the front now. Her old softball hoodie made it personal as well. I ignored the team logo on the front of it and just used the number and nickname that were on the back.

The yellow wrist band and waistband gave some contrast, and then the black waistband underneath the yellow one gave it an athletic look.

I thought it came out neat and my sister likes it. so Project number 2 on the sewing machine=SUCCESS!

Hopefully I'll get some higher quality photos up soon.

Thanks for reading and leave some feedback!

much love


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  1. AH I love that sweater! And it looks like your sister is loving it too! I'm glad you're posting your stuff up, we can feed off each other and keep up over the summer!