Thursday, May 14, 2009


So the semester just ended. I'm just waiting for a few grades... but I'M DONE!

I'm thinking thise weekend I'm going to make a new layout for this blog so its not so boring and default-ish.


Here's the story:

I bought an awesome new pair of sunglasses right before I quit Dillard's (had to get my use out of my employee discount!). They're like aviators with orange metal trim. WELL, I decided I wanted a swimsuit to match it, but you know swim suits at this time of the year are like 80 dollars for the top and 80 for the bottom... I tried discount retailers, but couldn't seem to find the right color.

So I searched my closet, and found a shirt that I had never worn. Its actually a cool story how I found it, too. I was looking for some vintage clothing ideas maybe a year ago online, and came across this awesome blog that these three girls had made. They found clothes, and sold them through their blog. Of course, being the impulse buyer I am, and trusting paypal, I bought two items. One of them was this cute orange and black dress/tunic. Of course, once it got here, it wasn't nearly as flattering on me as it was on the girls, so it found a home in my closet, and I've forgotten about it until now.
(although I could have sworn this wasn't the picture I saw when I bought it... oh well, bad memory I guess)

Their website was called, but they've recently been working on new projects and upgraded their site to You should check it out because all their stuff is really awesome! Its good inspiration for new ideas as well.

So anyway, I used this, and an old men's orange softball t-shirt (sweat-free because its never been worn. It was just leftover from my mom's screen printing business) and got to work! Of course I probably won't be able to wear it in the water, but just for hanging out in the sun, I think it'll be cute.

I'm almost done, and I think it will turn out well enough. I'll post the pictures when I'm done. I just figured I'd go ahead and post the blog now because I haven't in a while.


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  1. they do have some funny words on those things...

    oh and LUCK! where did you get an interveiw?