Saturday, May 16, 2009

Clip-on Earrings into a Hairpiece and choosing a banner

I've been pouring through websites, old pictures, and magazines for some type of inspiration for my header on this blog. WHAT TO DO!?!?!? Right now its just some boring little rectangle with "Krystal's Art"...


hopefully I'll get some ideas soon.

TODAY IS MICHOLE'S (my youngest sister's) PROM!!!

On her high school income budget, she was trying not to spend too much money. Especially since the tickets were pretty pricey. So she did her own nails, I did her hair in a curly updo and we tried to scrounge up some jewelry.

Her ears aren't peirced, so she had some clip on earrings that were my mom's from a really long time ago. They had a matching necklace (both were pearls). However, the earrings were like a bunch of pearls clustered into a weird shape rather than just one pearl for each ear. It looked a little older than what she would want to wear, so I added some bobby pins to them and VOILA! A cute little hairpiece!

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