Friday, May 15, 2009

Swimsuit I Made Out of Old T-Shirts-- work out starts today!

Well I HAVE been saying that I needed to start a work out plan... but if i'm going to be posting pictures of myself on here, I probably should haha.

So I posted yesterday about how I was making a swimsuit (sorta) out of two old shirts. Not really a SWIMMING suit... but one just to hang out in the sun in... I'm not too sure how t-shirts would work out in the water.
Here's the original shirt:
The original shirt was from They go bargain hunting, alter their finds a little bit, and sell them from their blog. Now they're at and they're doing some of their own stuff rather than just updating old clothes.

So this shirt has been reused twice! how cool is that?

I think I may have worn it as a shirt once, but I never really wore it that much even though its really cute.

The second shirt was an XXL men's (unworn) softball t-shirt. I just used this for the lining. It was big enough to make the suit double lined. I also took the padding out of one of my old swimsuits so the top is super super lined! haha

And the finished piece!:

tada! you can see some of the screenprinting from the softball shirt on the inside of the bottoms. haha. and the bottoms look kinda big, but that's because they're as stretchy as your average swimsuit.

and to prove it fits (because SOME certain people didn't believe me when I said I would make something that fits me):
I even used some extra off of the sleeve of the softball shirt to make a matching headband!
ok.. ok... so the headband wasn't difficult at all... you just cut some of the sleeve off, and throw it on your head.


  1. sew cute!

    OOOOo bad pun...but that really is a nice bathing suit!

  2. hey krystal!
    awesome that you started a blog! this bathing suit is SO CUTE! i looove the pattern and you look HOT in it! congrats on being done the semester!!!
    xox caroline